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Starbound is a video game type sandbox created by the studio independent game Chucklefish the UK . It takes place in a universe in two dimensions, the player explores to get new weapons, armor and other items. Starbound went into beta testing December 4, 2013 for Microsoft Windows , OS X and Linux .
Three beta test branches are available: Nightly , where new features are available daily, but are not yet debugged, the Unstable, to which are added the remaining elements after the major bugs have been fixed, and Finally, the Stable , update once the version Unstable completely debugged.
First announced by Tiyuri (a former team member of Terraria ) in February 2012, the game has grown to become a huge sandbox game in which many things are possible.
Unlike other games, Starbound does not have a single card, but thousands of different planets generated procedurally. The player can explore planets, venture into dungeons, meet NPCs friendly or hostile, fight aliens or domesticate animals, build all kinds of buildings with countless blocks and decorative objects that can be manufactured or find here and there, and more.

In the distant future, mankind has made great scientific and technological progress and began to explore the universe, encountering several intelligent extraterrestrial species. She has trained with some of them the Earth Protectorate ( Terrene Protectorate ), which ensures peace and justice in the universe. Its members are appointed protectors and have a Material Handler, a tool with many features to help in their missions.
The player is a student of the Protectorate which he can choose the species. The day when the game begins, the player needs to get to his graduation ceremony to become a protector. Unfortunately, the ceremony is interrupted when an unknown creature resembling a monstrous octopus attack Earth, and the player narrowly escaped with his manipulator taking a ship. Although the player manages to leave Earth, many are not so lucky and the planet is destroyed.
The vessel is damaged during the flight and becomes uncontrollable, it eventually runs out of fuel and began orbiting an unknown planet in another planetary system. The navigation instruments and propulsion being out of use, the player has no choice but to teleport on the planet to try to find a way to repair his ship, or failing to survive. By exploring the planet, the player finds an ancient portal and receives a message asking him to go to an archaeological site called the Ark. The player manages to reactivate the portal and use it to travel to the place requested.
Once there, the player meets the sender of the message, Esther Bright, an archaeologist and former Great Protector, the highest office of the Protectorate. Esther tells the player that the destruction of the Earth is a manifestation of the Ruinous power, an evil entity imprisoned for millennia behind the Ark by the farmer, a beneficent being who would have helped many civilizations throughout the universe to form and that inspired the gods of many religions. The cultivator had to sacrifice to achieve overcome Ruin, but before that, he told the six objects for opening the Ark in six civilizations, and asked them to open the day they are advanced enough to completely destroy the ruin. Or, as shown what happened to Earth, Ark begins to weaken and ruin occurs again, the player will therefore have to find the six “key” of the Ark and destroy that before Ruin it can not escape.
The first mission of the player is to repair his ship, which requires crystals Erchius, the player thus goes into a mine to procure. Once there, the player finds the contested mine by monsters, which appear to be minors who were turned into mutants by a creature made of Erchius who woke up when the plot began to emerge. The player is able to use the laser excavator miners to destroy the creature, and repaired his ship with crystals of the mine.
Using the data provided to it by the player exploring the planets, Esther manages to locate the keys location. She first sends the player on a hunting ceremony Floran, where he met the young huntress Nuru and won with it the hunting party killing a Ixodoom, so monstrous arthropod. The player is rewarded the Bone Trophy, which is actually the first key. Nuru decided to go to the Outpost with the player to help him in his quest.
Esther then sends the player into an old Hylotl library where most precious Hylotls books are, they have hidden when Florans invaded them. Upon arrival, the player receives a distress message from a Hylotl student named Koichi, who explains that bandits broke into the library to steal an artifact, he managed to put in safety by barricading. The player plays against the bandits, who happen to be members of a sect called Occasus, and manages to defeat duel their leader, some Asra Nox, forcing them to leave. It then releases Koichi, and recovers the artifact, actually the second key, the Mirror of Wisdom. Koichi joined Esther and Nuru at Outpost Esther to help with his research.
The player must then go to a colossal Avian temple to retrieve the third key before Occasus. There Tonauac meeting, an Avian instructed to visit the temple to pilgrims and protect it from thieves. Taking advantage of a moment of inattention of the latter, the player enters the public part of the temple prohibited and manages to survive the many traps to get to the Avatar Kluex, an animated statue that guards the treasure most precious temple. The player manages to defeat him and recover the treasure, which is the third key, the wheel Kluex. Thinking that the player has survived the tests of the temple by the power of Kluex, Tonauac is impressed and joined Esther and her team, hoping to meet his god assisting the player in his adventure.
Esther deduced that the Miniknog must have the fourth key, and sends the player into its most secure basis. Luckily, a group of rebels led by Apex Lana Blake is attacking the base to the arrival of the player, which distracts the guards and allows the player to break into the underground laboratories of the base. The player turns off the base defenses, allowing the rebels to enter and defeat all the soldiers Miniknog at considerable cost. But the key is guarded by Big Ape in person, which is actually a living being but a hologram, and scientists have turned into overkill Miniknog fighting machine. The player manages to destroy Big Ape, and retrieves the fourth key, the propeller of Genesis. Lana joined Esther and her team, considering them good allies for the rebellion. The war against Miniknog stops in fact not there, the regime with many other databases.
The fifth key, the Royal Medallion, proves to be the property of Baron, a retired adventurer Glitch. The player went to Fort Baron, but fails to negotiate with it to get the key. Occasus attack shortly after the fort in an attempt to steal the key, but the player manages to prevent fanatics from entering the fort and even destroy the secret weapon of Nox, a robotic dragon skeleton. Baron then changes his mind, offers the key to the player and joined the team of Esther.
Esther made some revelations to the player when it is time to seek the sixth key, that of humans. She explains that the player Nox was once his student, and she went wrong after learned of the plot by helping Esther in his research. Nox has indeed been adopted by Esther after watching his family slaughtered by bandits aliens, and started for that reason to hate the other species to the point of leaving Esther and the Protectorate to found Occasus, a human supremacist sect . Nox think that by opening the Ark, it can order the plot to destroy the other species for humans to rule the universe. Esther also reveals that she has the sixth key, the Master Manipulator, she kept with her leaving the Protectorate in order to protect the Nox.
The player and Esther team finally open the Ark with six keys. The player thus makes the Ruin, which is the size of a planet, and manages to dig through it to his heart, where he still faces Nox, who also managed to pass the Ark, and defies player to a duel but lost and fled. The player faces the heart of the plot, looking like a huge eye with tentacles, and manages to destroy it, but the plot becomes unstable and explodes. The player is apparently killed in the explosion, but the spirit of Cultivator manifests and then resurrected before disappearing, having sacrificed all the powers he had left to save the player. Esther, Nuru, Koichi, Tonauac, Lana, Baron and the player based a new protectorate, then the player off again to explore the Universe will bring peace.
Although the main story of the game ends after defeating Ruin, it is possible to continue playing normally. The game does not end itself.

Screenshots of Starbound

Starbound PC System Requirements

OS: Windows XP or later.
Processor: Core 2 Duo.
Memory: 2 GB RAM.
Graphics: 256 MB graphics memory and DirectX 9.0c compatible gpu.
DirectX: Version 9.0c.
Network: Broadband Internet connection.
Hard Drive: 3 GB available space.

Game Size = 1.25 GB

Game Rar Password =

Game Version =

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