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Super Meat Boy is avideogame independentdesigned byEdmund McMillenandTommy Refenes, which together form the development studioTeam Meat. He succeeds Meat Boy , aflash gamefrom a cooperation between McMillen andJonathan McEnteein October2008. It is published onXbox 360viaXbox Live Arcadeon 20 October2010, onWindowsin November 2010, onMac OS Xon 18 November2011viaSteamonLinuxin December 2011 and onPlayStation 4andPlayStation Vitaon 6 October2015.
Players control Meat Boy , a small red and cubic character who must save his girlfriend, Bandage Girl , from the yoke of the main enemy of the game, the D r Fétus. He has to cross several hundred levels avoiding multiple obstacles that populate them with millimiters jumps. Additional levels designed by players can be downloaded free.
Game development began in January 2009 . McMillen designed the artwork and imagine the game structure and levels , while Refenes done programming work; The game is tested by their friends and families. They plan to release the game in early 2010 on PC and WiiWare , the download platform of the Wii , but the publication date was pushed back because they want to add more content. The WiiWare version is then canceled due to technical limitations. The game music is composed by Danny Baranowsky was already the author of the soundtrack of Meat Boy .
The game was critically acclaimed. In 2010, he received the prize for the most difficult game on the part of IGN , and the award for best game download GameSpot and GameTrailers . The precision of the controls, the quality of retro graphics and soundtrack are particularly highlighted. Critics view the game as very difficult, perhaps too much to allow all players to enjoy. The game was a commercial success, flowing to more than one million units in January 2012. A sequel, Super Meat Boy: Forever , is being developed.

Super Meat Boy is a platform game in two dimensions t 1 . The player controls a small cubic character and red called Meat Boy . He must guide in a level using his ability to avoid various traps that lie in its path, and reach the place where Bandage Girl , his girlfriend t 1 .
The game only uses two buttons in addition to those used to direct the character: the first allows to run, the second jump. Meat Boy has at its disposal a wide variety of jump – notably, running before a jump allows it to be longer – and is easy to control in the air. Moreover, it adheres to the walls if he hits them, and can then jump again, allowing it to climb vertical obstacles t 2 .
In addition to holes in which he must avoid falling, Meat Boy meets along the way various deadly traps, such as circular saws, washing balls, or missile, which kill in one shot . If that fails, it starts the level from the beginning, which is not punitive because the levels are rather short; if he succeeds the end of the level, an animation showing simultaneously all the previous trials Player launches t 2 .
The level design is designed so that each level requires extensive testing before they can be successful. The player is caused to store the timing and the route and try again and again; but the frustration of failure is compensated by the pleasure of success.
The difficulty is high enough, the game especially for an audience of experienced players.

The game includes seven worlds. The first five worlds – which are called The Forest , The Hospital , The Salt Factory , The Hell , The Rapture – each contain twenty levels and end with a boss that is unlocked once seventeen of them completed. Beat the boss gives access to the next world t 2 . The sixth World, The End , only consists of five levels and ends with a final battle against the main enemy of the game, the D r Fétus, which marks the end of the game. In the latter world, The Cotton Alley which is released after the victory against the D r Fétus, the roles are reversed: it’s Bandage Girl , controlled by the player, who must save Meat Boy .
Each world – and thus each level – exists in two versions: the basic version, called Light World , and a more difficult version called Dark World t 3 . These levels are unlocked by successfully completing their simpler analogues sufficiently low time t 1 . The worlds of Dark World does not conclude with a boss, but a sufficient level of completion provides access to a second end of the game after a second confrontation with D r Fétus.
In some levels, additional targets are available to the player. Bandages are scattered in each world, usually in hard to reach places; a bunch of them can unlock other playable characters t 2 .
In addition, some levels have a second output, which provides access to special levels t 1 . These, called “Warp Zone”, are presented in series of three levels that the player must finish in three lives, and graphically resemble games consoles 4-bit or 8-bit , and even Game Boy 1 .
In total, over 300 levels there are in the whole game 2 . To this number add the levels of Super Meat World , a level editor which is however available on the Steam version; other platforms have to settle for Teh Internets , an additional world in which developers sometimes publish new levels.

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Screenshots of Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy Minimum System Requirements

Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / 7 (Windows 8 is not officially supported)
Processor: 1.4GHz or faster.
Memory: 1 GB RAM.
Graphics: Graphics Card made within the last 4 years (Pixel Shader 3.0, Vertex Shader 3.0)
DirectX®: DirectX® 9.0c.
Hard Drive: 300 MB Free Space.

Game Size = 150 MB

Game RAR Password =

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