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The game was produced and developed by Matt Thorson , previously the author of Planet Punch 6 . The idea comes from a visit to Alec Holowka while working for the 48-hour June 2012 Vancouver Full Indie Game Jam 5 . The team working on a multiplayer game inspired by The Legend of Zelda became a game platforms in Flash for a single player 7 in which one could embody “a talented archer from ancient legends” 5 . At first the two developers wanted to include more weapons, but they eventually only keep the bow to its gaming experience 7 . The boom is designed to be driven without load (immediately after clicking on the button) and slightly bend its course towards the target when it comes close, in order to allow the player to have a wide margin of Error 5 . Also the movement of the boom is relatively slow, to give more room to the strategic positioning of the player 4 . Thorson also selected to allow only eight directions of shots (right, left, up, down and diagonal) rather than to implement a more complex system of sight 360 ° 5 . Thorson and Holovka also implemented in this prototype levels, objects, a store and a story based on the ascension of a tower. In the manner of an RPG , players had to earn new items and new capabilities as and progresses in the adventure. Thorson would first send the game to a US site for “easy money” , but changed his mind after developing a version multiplayer his game after Game Jam 7 .
Thorson explains the qualities of the game mode multiplayer 1 , 8 by the environment in which it was developed. He lived in several roommates with independent developers, including the “Indie House” in Vancouver, which allowed him to test the multiplayer almost continuously for the development 5 . Although that Alex Holowka had quickly abandoned the development of the game after the Game Jam Vancouver, leaving the project to Thorson, he returned to the last minute present the game to the Game Developers Conference 2013, passport Thorson expired 7 . With the growing attention of the press at the show PAX East , Thorson engaged with Kellee Santiago out TowerFall exclusively on Ouya 9 . For Thorson, an output on Ouya then seemed less intimidating an output on PlayStation 3 7 . The game seemed to match perfectly with the emphasis placed by the Ouya on multiplayer local 5 .
Thorson began developing the graphics of the game itself but, dissatisfied with the result, decided to engage Miniboss to finish this aspect of the game. Holovka composed the music and Thorson engaged Power Up Audio for sound effects 6 . Thorson considered adding a mode multiplayer online, but it did not have the knowledge to this project 7 .

TowerFall was released June 25, 2013 exclusively on Ouya 6 . Despite the youth of the Ouya sales were good, which allowed Thorson to continue to develop the game 7 . He then declared his wish to integrate a single player 6 , and signed with a Sony console exclusive contract out TowerFall Ascension on PlayStation 4 and Steam after the exclusive contract for six months with the Ouya . TowerFall Ascension would then contain new levels, weapons and game options 7 . Sony was actively involved in the arrival of the game on PlayStation 4 , portage was made by the studio Sickhead Games in Dallas 10 . Two people worked on it for eight weeks using Monogamous, “a rewrite open source ” Microsoft XNA. Thorson thought the DualShock 4 was a joystick “perfect for TowerFall ” and that development for PlayStation 4 offered “a natural extension” to the game 10 . The main additions TowerFall Ascension were the modes a player and cooperative, more weapons additions, characters, arenas and game options promised by Thorson. The game was released in March 2014 on PlayStation 4 and Windows , and was focused on Linux and OSX in May 2014 (with some additional game options, also added in other versions) 11 .
A level editor is planned 7 , and Thorson has expressed interest to support six joysticks allowing for three games against three

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Screenshots of TowerFall Ascension

TowerFall Ascension Minimum System Requirements

Operating System: Windows Vista or newer.
Processor: Intel Core i3 M380.
Memory: 2 GB RAM.
Graphics: Intel HD 4000 or better.
DirectX: Version 10.
Storage: 400 MB available space.

Game Size = 179 MB

Game RAR Password =

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