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The Evil Within , known in Japan as Psycho Break , is a survival horror game and was developed by Tango Gameworks . It was published by Bethesda Softworks for Microsoft Windows , PlayStation 3 , PlayStation 4 , Xbox 360 and Xbox One . The game was released on 14 October 2014 all platforms.
The game includes a  single player campaign in which the player’s Detective Sebastian Castellanos by the  third-person perspective  controls. The player must race to survive, sneak and fight wander through the world with.
The game world is built dynamically so that they adapt to the player’s actions. The player must find syringes and medicine packs to restore his life, taking medicine packs a temporary  hallucination  may cause. The player can  green gel  collect, which can be found in numerous places in the game.
The player receives in the course of the game, a knife, a gun, a magnum, shotgun, sniper rifle, grenades and the so-called torments crossbow , a projectile weapon also what ammunition, freeze enemies, hide, burn, poisoning, electric shock or explode may be, or they hurt with harpoons. The ammunition for these weapons is very rare distributed in the game. Bombs, which are placed as traps in the game and can be triggered by the player can, through a  mini-game  to be defused. enemies must be killed by headshots, an explosion or ignition, otherwise they can be resurrected. Some bosses , however, can only be turned off by frequent bombardment. By throwing distributed in the game world opponents bottles can be distracted and injured.
The player can get to some places in the game by a mirror to a retreat where he can improve his skills and weapons with the green gel. Safety deposit boxes can be opened there with keys found in which ammunition for weapons and other green gel are. There or at the end of a chapter, the score can be saved.
When investigating a gruesome mass murder in the beacon mental hospital in Krimson City Detective Sebastian Castellanos, his partner Joseph Oda and Junior Detective Julie Kidman encounter a malevolent and powerful force. When Sebastian has to watch on the surveillance cameras outright slaughter of police colleagues who littered with burn scars Ruvik appears in white hooded cape and Sebastian loses consciousness. When he wakes up, he is able to escape from the mental hospital; there he finds himself but in a weird bizarre and surreal version of Krimson City again, where mutated humans, the restless wandering. Sebastian is going into a fight for survival to find out the secret behind the unimaginable horror.
By reading Sebastian’s diary entries, newspaper articles and advertisements missing notes are taught again and again. Sebastian learns, for example, that his wife was on to something and they disappeared and their daughter is dead.
Sebastian met the doctor Marcelo Jimenez, who is looking after his patients Leslie Withers. When Sebastian Jimenez and Leslie find they encounter Ruvik, who appears to have control of the world in which they are located; He can teleport and change the environment. Ruvik separates the detective trio again and again by bringing Sebastian to various terrifying places that seem to spring forth memories of different persons. Kidman followed Leslie through the entire game and seems not to be affected by Ruviks control.
Through various flashbacks Sebastian learns of Ruviks past. Ruvik, full name is Ruben Victoriano, was a highly talented but mentally unstable child and had a close relationship with his sister Laura. When the two were playing in a barn of the family, some men set fire to the barn, out revenge on Rubens parents, because they had bought a lot of land in the area. Laura could not escape from the barn and died, Ruben suffered serious burn injuries by rescuing her brother. His father hid the disfigured Ruben in the basement of the family home. Deeply traumatized by Laura’s death finally killed Ruben’s parents, inherited all family property and “donated” to continue to the beacon mental hospital to continue to experiment with subjects in return can.
Ruvik experimented for as long on the human psyche until Jimenez told him that the original project STEM is nearing completion – a machine that can be coupled with the brains to share with each other electrochemical-level emotions, memories and perceptions. Ruviks brain was manipulated in the same manner as in his subjects studied and tested. In Ruviks case this is done by an unknown organization for which Jimenez seems to be working. This organization has many inhabitants of Krimson City abducted to test the STEM unit and to associate each of them with Ruviks consciousness.
It was not until Dr. Jimenez tried in Sebastian’s presence using Leslie (presumably previously escaped thoughts Ruviks) return to the real world, it is clear that they are in Ruviks thoughts; Ruvik trying to find a suitable host for his mind to return to the real world. A created by Ruviks thoughts beast she attacks and kills Jimenez to prevent the escape. Sebastian escapes the beast by killing them and rejoins Joseph and Kidman. Because the light from the lighthouse beacon mental hospital affects a strong attraction to them, they are on their way there. Ruvik prevents it again by separating the trio again. Kidman hits Leslie and is about to shoot him when Sebastian again joins them and pointing his gun at Kidman. She mentioned that Leslie is a threat Ruvik and thereby implies that she knows more about STEM and the chaotic world in which they are located. Joseph Leslie tries to protect her and is hit by a bullet.
Leslie Sebastian leads back to the mental hospital in which he sees the body of Lighthouse Jimenez, Leslie, Joseph, Kidman, his colleagues and himself Connelly lie in tubs. All are connected to Ruviks brain. Kidman met again at the two and tried to kill Leslie. As Ruvik then appears, he leads Leslie in his arms and absorbed him into his brain what the world plunges into an even bigger mess: Sebastian must fight a giant creature that has sprung Ruviks thoughts. Then he wakes up in the tub in which he has previously seen. He decoupled from the STEM machine breaks Ruviks brain from the apparatus and crushes it. He wakes up in the tub and then is seemingly back in reality. Kidman is at his side and signaled him to lie still. Sebastian closes his eyes. When he opens them again, Kidman and Leslie have disappeared from their pans. When the police arrive, Sebastian leaves the mental hospital and discovered Leslie who runs away from the clinic. He felt a brief headache, a sign of Ruviks influence on people who are connected to the STEM, thereby losing sight of Leslie. This leads to the assumption that Ruvik was able to return to the real world by Leslie and there still can influence the people who were connected to the STEM. What Sebastian’s wife and daughter happened to, is not understood.
The development of The Evil Within began in late 2010 under the code name “Project Two”. The Resident Evil developer Shinji Mikami is a director of the game; game development found in his development studio Tango Gameworks instead. The studio was in 2010 by publisher Bethesda Softworks acquired shortly after the development of the game began. Mikami said that he is a survival horror wanted game develop, because in his opinion after most of these games the focus would rely more on action than on the struggle for survival.
The Evil Within based on the id Tech 5 engine that which has been modified by Tango Gameworks.  As of April 15, 2014 published Bethesda Softworks to apply a series of short videos about the game. On 19 . April 2014, the game was announced under the title and platforms, under which it is to be published officially announced.
The Evil Within was released on 14 October 2014 all platforms. In Japan, the game was as Psycho Break published. The Japanese version contains no gore scenes , a D to obtain rating, what the release from 17 years allowed. However, this can via Downloadable content will be restored.
In order to promote the game, let Warner Bros. Movie World in Queensland in Australia to build a labyrinth in which the characters of the game, which were represented by actors who frightened visitors. This was part of the annual Fright Nights . [15] The Art of the Evil Within , a book that the concept and behind-the-scenes includes footage, was by Dark Horse Comics published together with the game on October 14, 2014.
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Minimum System Requirements
Operating System: Windows 7 64bit
Processor: Intel QuadCore
RAM Memory: 4GB
Hard disk space: 50GB
Graphics Card: Geforce GTX460
Game Size : 12.43 GB

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