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Arx Fatalis ( lat. Rocca Fatale) is set in a world where the sun does not shine and the creatures find themselves forced to take refuge in underground caverns. The game starts right in one of these caves where large creatures like trolls, goblins, dwarves, humans, etc. they built their houses. The player wakes up with no memory inside a prison and was immediately named Am Shaegarfrom a cell mate. Just escaped the protagonist finds himself in the outpost of humans where there was an attack, found a way to reach the city of Arx the player will have to go talk to the king that the award of tasks and after gaining his confidence will He will bring with him and his other trusted in the boardroom to discuss the events that occurred, Am Shaegar therefore immediately regains his memory when the alchemist of the king makes him touch a meteor fragment that is then destroyed. The main character discovers he is a porter from the size of the Noden and its main mission is to lock up the God of destruction Akbaa that seeks to manifest itself in Arx.

Arx Fatalis allows, with the next level up, to allocate skill points to the character to enhance their skills as magic, weapons and armor, stealth, and so on. There are various types of puzzles and objects to be found to continue the adventure in Arx. It is possible to combine numerous spells and objects to create new ones, as in the case of the keychain (key + ring), fishing rod (rod + rope), pasta (flour + water), dust (plant / bone + pestle and mortar) potions (powder + + still empty bottle.) Some foods such as pasta, fish, meat, chicken and cakes can be cooked and eaten in order to recover vitality.

The main plot is to find various parts of a sword, which is essential to defeat the God of Akbaa destruction in a final battle. Other missions concerning the relationship of the protagonist with the rebels, women snake and the King of Arx. The player can in a different way to solve their conflict by going so different endings based on the decisions taken in the game. In Arx Fatalis it is not possible to actively take part in the dialogue and the player can only make different choices according to your actions. The missions can deal differently killing enemies and breaking down doors or using stealth.

The controls are typical of video games in person. With an appropriate key is possible to extract or store the weapon equipped passing from the observation mode to combat. In the first state you can interact with objects and characters, in the second you will see the weapon and you can inflict blows to the enemy. The longer you hold the button more powerful the shot will attack. You can either fight with melee weapons by remote and use potions to poisoning them.

At Arx Fatalis you can use the magic through a particular interface [3] . Holding down the Ctrl key and moving the mouse you can draw in air from the runes that spelled correctly throw spells. The player must have the necessary runes, all over 20, which can be found around or buy. By combining different runes you can get new spells.

In Joypad the Xbox every direction pad corresponds to the mouse movement amount and how the computer you need to draw the rune to invoke the magic. You can store a maximum of 3 spells and then launching them at the appropriate time with the simple press of a button. Once used must be stored again to be able to run again.

It is present in the game also has a stealth mode that allows the player to move in the dark places without being seen.

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Arx Fatalis System Requirements

900 MHz Pentium ® III or compatible, 256 MB RAM , DirectX 8 or higher, DirectX 8 compatible sound- and graphics card with 32MB, 750 MB fixed disks

Game Size = 522 MB

Game RAR Password =

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