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Deal with all parts of your own republic with arranged economy, including mining assets, producing products, development, ventures, and residents as well. Make your very own modern edifices with stacking and emptying stations, stockpiling, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants. Assemble the foundation and deal with its traffic, including streets, railroads, walkways, transports, wiring, and pipelines. Admirably put and associate industrial facilities, houses and stockrooms, and make the most effective associations. Plan and fabricate the living zones with everything your residents may need to carry on with their glad life, for example, play areas, film s, bars, and shops. Send your residents to the mine to get coal, iron and other regular assets; or send them to the fields to get the yields; or take them to processing plants to create fabricated merchandise. Sell and buy assets and merchandise from western nations or other soviet nations to get dollars or rubles and purchase the items or assets you need … or on the other hand put resources into new foundation or structures. Appreciate genuine soviet structures and vehicles, just as reasonable scenes of the 60’s to the 90’s. Play the manner in which you need! You can concentrate on getting regular assets or items and exchange them for cash; or you can fabricate an independent republic; or you can simply utilize the simple sandbox mode with boundless cash/assets and simply appreciate building something live. Financial reenactment. Costs of assets on the worldwide market are changing after some time as you play – one day you can sell or buy steel for a $100 per ton, however in a couple of months the expense can ascend to $200 or decline to $50. The cost of everything is associated with the expense of work and assets. Expanding difficulty.As costs change, the requests of the residents additionally change, and you will require more assets to keep them cheerful and constrain them to work. Assets and INDUSTRY There are, at the present time, more than 30 wares you can mine, transport and assembling. On the off chance that you need to get garments you will initially need to get assets to make a texture, at that point you will require an attire industrial facility where the garments will be fabricated from this texture. You would then be able to move the completed garments into shops where your residents can get them. Each product has a particular requirement,so on the off chance that you might want to stack oil into the tank train-vehicle you will require an extraordinary siphoning stacking station. On the off chance that you have to stack rock into a dumper truck you need an uncommon stacking station where the rock originates from transports into the truck. Fluid assets like oil or fuel can be put away just in tanks, while assets like wood, steel, or pre-assembled solid boards can be put away outside in the open space. Utilizing a crane for these will build stacking/emptying speed. Merchandise like garments, nourishment, and so on can be put away in distribution centers. Laborers AND THEIRS DEMANDS Each specialist/resident gets down to business every day. In the event that they work for you, they have requests. Toward the beginning of the game they are fulfilled just with nourishment, yet as a period goes on they may have more requests like meat, garments, liquor or gadgets. Likewise, to have upbeat specialists you need places where they can invest their recreation energy – film, play areas, bars, and so forth. Each laborer has training level. They can go to class or school to improve this level. On the off chance that their training is too low they can’t work; if their instruction is sufficiently high they can be an instructor, or analyst, or work in production lines with extraordinary necessities. TRANSPORTATION You have numerous alternatives for how you will oversee assets and products transportation. In the event that you get crude iron metal from a mine, you have to process it. At that point you have to move it some way or another into a steel plant to deliver steel. You can fabricate the handling plant and steel factory close to the mine and transport everything by transports, or you can move iron mineral into a steel plant via train fora longer separation. It is dependent upon you to choose from where the laborers will go into the industrial facilities. You can make private zones and transport laborers by transports or prepares to mechanical regions. You can likewise assemble private structures close to the production lines so laborers will ready to stroll to the manufacturing plant. Be that as it may, remember that a specialist should buy nourishment and make the most of their spare time, so again it is dependent upon you to conclude whether to assemble those offices close to their home or whether you will move them by one way or another to shops or places to invest their free energy. ECONOMY SIMULATION The game mimics the economy framework. There are no fixed costs! Expenses of everything are characterized by the financial circumstance. For instance, the expense of steel is determined from the cost of iron, coal and work, and furthermore somewhat from the expense of steel plant development. You buy or sell items for cash (dollars or rubles). In any case, be cautious, as it is conceivable that on the off chance that you purchase or sell for high qualities you will influence the cost of the product available. You might have the option to buy at a greater expense or sell it less expensive. As time increments does as well, multifaceted nature. A few assets or items may turn out to be progressively costly (as, less human work is required with cutting edge innovations), so later with greater intricacy, it might be important to be as independent as could reasonably be expected.

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Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 Processor: 2,5 GHz Dual Core Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: DirectX 11 compatible gaming graphics card (2GB RAM or more) Storage: 5 GB available space Sound Card: DirectX compatible

Games Size = 739 MB
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