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Dark Project II: The Metal Age (original title Thief II: The Metal Age ) is the second game of the series Thief , the sequel to Dark Project: The shadow of the thief .

The Looking Glass Studios released the sequel to Thief in 2000 . Using the same engine of the first Dark Thief, Thief II had pretty much look the same and provided the same feelings, with only some minor improvements and graphics programming. The core gameplay was basically similar to the previous title, but they were added many other items, including several technological gadgets and magical. Other changes related to increase of the possible behavior of AI and adding guards and female soldiers.

Responding to criticism of the Thief original missions in this second title in the series they were designed around typical rogue behavior, and most of the game was spending stealing from the more affluent neighborhoods of the city, rather than fighting monsters.

After Dark Project Garrett returned to his life as a thief of all time, but the city has changed a lot in the meantime. From Hammerites it has generated a cult schismatic called the Mechanists (or gear Order ) that started to change the face of strengthening it and providing it with the best technologically city lighting systems, cameras and surveillance droids (called the “Sons of the Manufacturer” ) and new security systems. A Garrett definitely not glad to see his life complicated by gimmicks like a thief, but for now is more interested in finding out the reason why the new Truart Sheriff tried to kill him in an ambush. During his investigation he was contacted by the Guardians that provide a clue as to where to look Truart the same night, and invite him to listen to the ERA prophecies read from the Metal Guardian Caduca. Garrett is as usual not much interested in the secrets of the Keepers and heads directly at the place indicated to him: a Mechanist temple in the port Est. Infiltrated Garrett discovers that Truart is working with the leaders Mechanist Karras providing outcasts, criminals and prostitutes captured by the Guardia Town and they are then processed by Karras in slaves without will (i Servants ) for its purposes. Garrett recovers recording of the conversation between the two and infiltrates into the villa Truart to blackmail (if ‘ public knew of its trade with the overzealous Sheriff Karras would be in serious trouble), but discovers that Truart was murdered. Garrett learns that the murderer is one of the collaborators of Truart in the Town Guard and apparently secretly allied with the Pagans. Garrett pawn the woman who leaves a message in the square of the stone market. Then the message is retrieved from a Pagan that Garrett follow it to the city cemetery. Here Pagano is wounded by some Mechanists in an ambush and fled inside the cemetery. Garrett and follows him in a grave finds a portal that transports him into a village Pagano. The village was attacked by Mechanists and most of its inhabitants massacred. Garrett passes through it and reaches a second portal that takes him inside the Maw of Chaos, which is, however, very different from that in which they had infiltrated during the Dark Project. Garrett finds Pagano died but suddenly meets an old acquaintance: the deceased’s wife Viktoria Trickster. Viktoria offers Garrett his promise to forget the revenge for the death of the Trickster in exchange for his help to stop the plans of Karras. Garrett agrees. Subsequently infiltrates Karras: Angelwatch palace where he discovers that the Mechanist leader is “giving away” the Servants to the most wealthy nobles of the city as servants. Garrett also discover passages of the sacred text on which Mechanists are based: “The new Scripture of God’s Manufacturer” written in his own hand by Karras in which he states that God has chosen him as an instrument to create his paradise on earth. Garrett escapes from Angelwatch and reaches the island Markham, an old pirate lair converted by Mechanists basis, with the intent to kidnap Brother Cavador, the largest contributor to Karras and discover Mechanists plans. Here steals Cetus Amicus , a submarine that the mechanistic use to bring supplies to the mysterious site KD . Garrett arrives at KD Web site that turns out to be none other than the city of Forerunner Karath Din, which had already been to the Dark Project times. Mechanists I have studied the ancient ruins recovering ancient artifacts and getting the knowledge to their technologies. Here Garrett steals Cavador and return to Viktoria. dall ‘ interrogation seems that the central part of the plan are Karras old masks of the precursors used to create the Servants and the “Gas rust”, a lethal compound capable of instantly incinerate every living being. To find out more Garrett infiltrates the mansion Gervasius: a nobleman who seems to have helped Karras in recovering these artifacts. Garret finds the mansion of Gervasius a gimmick called “farmer.” Viktoria Garrett and thus understand the true plan Karras: the Servants around the city have within them the Farmers containing lethal doses of Gas Rust than an order of Karras will open exterminating the entire living population. Then Karras will create a world inhabited only by machines: the manufacturer’s Paradise he so longed for. Viktoria after calling his two lieutenants and Dyan Lorkspur entrusting them with the guidance of the pagan attacks Cathedral Soulforge which Karras safe from rust gases activate the Servants of the City for his extermination plan. Artemus warns Garrett assault Viktoria in Soulforge and the thief goes to the cathedral in time to witness the sacrifice of Viktoria to allow Garrett to stop Karras. Garrett then infiltrates to Soulforge sabotaging communication antenna for the Servants signals and directing them to gather in the Cathedral. Garrett comes just in time from the building that closes hermetically leaving a stunned Karras perish within Soulforge by the hand of its same plane. The Age of Metal is over. Karras died with the Mechanists melt and their technologies will fail without anyone knowing more now repair them. Garrett this time agree to Artemus know what the mysterious tomes Keepers hiding on the events that occurred in the City.

The Looking Glass Studios were working on an expansion for Thief II: The Metal Age , probably titled Thief II: Gold , in 2000, a period in which they failed.

Not much is known about this title, but apparently had to add three missions to the basic plot, one of which was to solve the subplot of the Ash book (to which reference is made both in Thief: Gold in Thief II: The Metal Age ) , jumping out while Garrett explores interaction between Karras and an obscure order of necromancers.

Some time after the failure of Looking Glass Studios, a small enthusiastic group of fans took the opportunity to expand the Thief universe using DromEd . The result was an expansion unofficially titled Thief 2X: Shadows of the Metal Age . The game, though simple expansion of Thief II , presents a new protagonist: a young woman named Zaya. The expansion features are similar to those of the Looking Glass games: complex level design, a long campaign (thirteen complex missions), introductory and final movies to various pre-rendered missions, new voices and sound effects and original graphics.

This expansion is freeware and can be downloaded from the developer site , but requires possession of an original copy of Thief II to play.

In 2009 a complete copy of the source code of the Dark Engine was found carrying a former employee of the defunct Looking Glass Studios who was then working for Eidos Interactive . [1] The code of Engine had the full set of resources, including the necessary libraries to complete the code.

In late April of 2010, a user forum Talk Dreamcast disassemblò the contents of the Dreamcast development kit, which he had bought. The contents of the kit included amongst other things, further details of a porting to Thief 2 and System Shock 2 for the Dreamcast. In December 2010, it was discovered that there was a compact disk included in the kit and the content was made available online, there was also a copy of the source of the Dark Engine, but without the necessary libraries to compile the code. [2]

In September 2012, a significant unofficial update of the Dark Engine was published anonymously in a French forum, most likely based on the source code of the Dreamcast . [3] [4] This patch extended the limits of Engine, introducing support for graphics cards and sound, and of course support for new versions of Windows. The patch has now come to “1.25” version introducing the subtitles not provided by the engine. Initially unofficial official was later included in the edition sold on .

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Thief II The Metal Age Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows XP or Windows Vista
Processor: 1.8 GHz Processor
Memory: 512MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
Hard Disk Space: 2GB HDD
Video Card: 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 7 (compatible with DirectX 9 recommended)
DirectX®: 7

Game Size = 695 MB

Game RAR Password =

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